3 Steps To Choosing The Right WordPress Theme For Your Business

WordPress has been around for a very long time now, but you might not be aware of all that this framework offers. If you think that WP is only for bloggers, it’s time to rethink things. WordPress offers something for everyone, whether you’re a tech blogger, an e-commerce seller or a thought leader. Of course, there are some things that you need to know before you jump on the bandwagon here. You must make an informed decision regarding your needs, and that means knowing a bit more about what’s on offer.

Choosing the right wordpress theme for your business

When you first start looking into WordPress, you’ll find that at its core, it’s a simple yet powerful framework for quickly building websites and blogs. As such, you’ll need to choose a theme – the theme you select will have an immense impact on every aspect of your experience, as well as what your readers/visitors experience when they come to your site.

There are two primary options when selecting a theme – premium themes and free themes (like the standard 2010-2012 themes that comes bundled with wordpress). Now, you might assume that anything free is going to be an excellent choice, particularly if you’re operating on a tight (or nonexistent) budget. While there are some rare exceptions to this rule it is also important to realize that free isn’t always the best choice especially if you intend to build a business website around wordpress. Premium themes, in many cases can offer an extremely cost effective, “out of the box” solution tailored for a range of business needs. This also applies to marketers who intend to use websites purely for content monetization using AdSense, affiliate and niche marketing.

The truth about free wordpress themes

Before we get too far into this discussion, understand that there is a considerable amount of diversity when it comes to free themes. For instance, you’ll find a ton of free themes available through WordPress itself. Most of these can make good starter options, and are really designed more for WordPress hosted blogs or self-hosted blogs that are just getting started. Understand that these can be good solutions if you are just starting out and are experimenting with what works and learning the ropes. They’re not ideal for a professional, permanent online presence, though.

You’ll also find that the Internet is filled with offers for “free premium themes”. If these are not provided by a reputable theme designer, stay away from them. You’ll hear horror story after horror story of website owners and bloggers who thought they were getting something awesome for no cost, only to find that the theme was filled with malicious code that put their visitors’ information in danger. Malicious code within themes has become an enormous problem – avoid any theme source that isn’t reputable and doesn’t design their own themes. Purely “aggregator” sites are not the best option. Premium themes from an experienced design firm are far better choices.

Finally, you’ll find that many free themes are very limited in their capabilities. They might be trial versions of a paid theme, or they might include design elements that cannot be altered. Perhaps the theme has advertising that you can’t change, or maybe the designer includes links to destinations you don’t want your visitors going to (and that you can’t change). To avoid this, skip the free themes.


Why choose a premium theme for your business?

Why should you choose a premium theme? Obviously, one reason is to avoid malicious code and other problems often found with free themes. However, there are many other advantages to be gained by using a premium WordPress theme. Here are just a few of them:

  • Support – When it comes to creating and designing a website or blog that fits your unique needs and platform, you’ll find that support is vital. Having a professional support team will ensure that your questions are answered, your problems are solved when they occur and that your website enjoys the utmost in terms of operability and stability. However, real time support is only available with premium themes, not with free ones.
  • Ongoing Evolution – While it’s not true of all premium themes, you’ll find that many designers continually revamp and rework their themes to offer greater functionality and capabilities to their clients. If you opt for a premium theme, you’ll be able to benefit from these ongoing changes and updates, which ensure that your site can continue to make use of new features introduced by WordPress.
  • Robust Features – A final advantage offered by premium WordPress templates is access to a robust set of features. You’ll enjoy access to things like shortcode libraries, immense customization options, the ability to change colors at the drop of a hat and much more.
  • Readily usable – A number of premium theme developers like themefuse will offer a complete suite of theme designs suited to a variety of industry types like ecommerce, services, news, travel etc. This allows many business owners to use and apply themes “out of the box” without having to invest extra into custom development and modifications.

As you can see, there are immense advantages to using the right themes. Making the choice to use the WordPress framework is the first step toward building a robust, reliable, successful online presence, but taking it further and opting for a premium theme over a free one is essential. If you want to ensure that you have a theme that will work both now and in the future, it’s vital that you choose the right option.


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