5 Insider Secrets To SEO Success From An Ex Google Employee

In recent years search engine optimization or SEO has most commonly been associated with “link building” or what we can also rhetorically describe as “buying votes” for your website to help it move up the organic search rankings. The recent penguin update from Google was a game changer for traditional SEO in many different ways, a number of private blog networks like “Build My Rank” offering link building services to internet marketers and small businesses were completely deindexed from Google (or shut down) alongwith a number of business and private websites using these services.

Just in the aftermath of the penguin update I attended a brief talk presented by Andre Weyher at a local SEO meetup event in Sydney. Andre at the time was part of the Google search quality evaluation team and gave some interesting insights into how Penguin had radically changed the SEO landscape and common practices once considered SEO standard were now considered unacceptable by Google. One of my earlier blog posts offered key highlights from this brief talk from Andre.

Since that time, Andre has left Google and is currently involved in an internet startup developing an innovative new SEO tool and I felt that it would be great to bring Andre back for an interview and really drill down into all aspects of the new SEO landscape that all affiliate and internet marketers are craving to understand.

Here are some of the key highlights of this brief yet information packed interview:

– The real unclouded facts about the penguin update (this was an eye opener)
– Why link building is still and effective SEO tool but with a few major quirks
– 3 things you should be doing with your on page SEO and things to avoid to avoid getting Google’s radar.
– The one aspect of SEO that was effective before the penguin update and is now more effective than ever (hint: Internet marketers have loved and exploited this for a number of years!)
– What is the best “link building” strategy for affiliate and niche sites post post penguin
– a secret SEO tool which may prove to be a game changer for anyone looking to beat Google at their own game!

and much much more!

I am already hard at work implementing everything I learned in this interview and you will too once you have had a listen so go ahead and hit play!

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