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7 Tips For Selling Your Niche Site On Flippa

Flippa is an auction website with a slightly unique twist. It’s a website where you can buy and sell websites. As an internet marketer, it’s not too uncommon to hear stories of websites selling for thousands and even millions of dollars on Flippa. These websites can range from turnkey businesses in a box type websites, […]

How To Avoid Google’s Page Layout Penalty

Just when you thought that making money with AdSense was going to get easier, earlier this month Google introduced another change to its ranking algorithm penalizing sites for placing too many ads above the fold. This was largely due to user complaints that they were landing on sites with excessive above the folds and had […]

Which Is The Best AdSense Theme For Maximizing Your Clicks?

Maximizing your clicks with Google AdSense is very much about experimenting with ad placement and using traditional “ad blending” techniques to seamlessly blend your ad units with your content.While you can always follow a set or proven strategies with AdSense, no single strategy is likely to work in all situations so you also need maximum […]

How To Correctly Estimate Your AdSense Earnings

One of the key criteria for for any potential, money making AdSense keyword is the CPC or cost per click value and based you on that value you should be able to accurately estimate your AdSense earningsright? Well, not quite as there is a lot more that equation.Here is a simple formula you can use […]