How To Build A Million Dollar Website With Content Curation

Content marketing is often considered the backbone of a building a successful online business. This is especially true for internet marketers using niche and affiliate sites as an avenue to building a profitable passive income empire. However, writing and producing good content requires patience and hard work even for seasoned writer and bloggers.

The alternative to writing your own content is to outsource it, but once again, good content comes at a cost and if you are managing multiple websites, this cost can quickly escalate to thousands of dollars. In an earlier post on the nichesense blog I wrote about strategies for saving money on content creation through rewritten public labels right or PLR articles which offers a cost effective alternative to outsourcing fresh content every single time.

All of the above content generation strategies are fine but it still requires significant amount of investment over long periods, not an ideal option for many marketers.

What if there was a way to produce content without ever having to write a single piece of content?

Enter Content Curation.

What is content curation?

Content curation is a new way of content publishing where a site acts as an information hub with links to the best and most popular content from across a wide range of sources on the internet. This include news, sports, blogs, tweets and many other forms of content.

Content curation in recent years has also become a multi million dollar online business with the success of sites like Huffington Post which was last year acquired by AOL for $315 million and what’s more, Arianna Huffington, the founder of huffington now commands a multi million dollar salary from AOL just to keep huffington post up and running as an editor-in-chief! sweet:)

content curation

Not bad for a site which simply started off as a political news hub.

So, why has content curation been so successful? It’s simple, people want convenience and it is hard work searching for news and information sifting through literally millions of pages of content on the internet.

Take the example of drudge report, a website that simply offers nothing more than links to news articles from a variety of sources and yet it now commands an Alexa rank of under 500 or it is now the 79th most popular website in the US! Once again not a bad effort for a website simply offering links to articles and videos.

content curation

Let me also add that advertizing on sites like drudge report comes at an absolute premium with thousands of dollars being paid for premium ad space.

Famous speaker, author and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki also owns his own content curation hub called which publishes latest news and articles from all the worlds technology, marketing and business blogs and probably makes a decent income from AdSense and advertizing.

content curation

How You Can Use Content Curation

So, what’s in it for us the average internet marketers? Well, launching a curated content website is now easier than ever. If the idea of creating hundreds of pages of content from scratch doesn’t appeal to you then a curated authority site is something you could look at as an alternative to a regular niche site. Remember, you can still use all the regular monetization methods like AdSense as you would use with regular sites and blogs.

Now the key question is how do you go about finding good content from literally thousands of pages of content being published on the internet in any given second. Well, thankfully, there are readymade tools that make it easier than ever to find and publish content from just about any topic.

One such tool is Curationsoft. It almost works like a regular search engine except you can get a article based feed based on keywords. For eg if your interested in curating about SEO, then you can easily search for all the latest articles being published around hundreds of blogs around the world. As soon as you find something you like, simply start curating!

Another strategy for discovering great curated content is to subscribe to RSS feeds from leading blogs and websites within your chosen niche. Then, simply sign up for a handy web app called Feedly and manage all your RSS feeds and latest content from once simple dashboard.

content curation

My absolute favourite tool for launching and creating a curated content website is not really a tool but a wordpress theme! Its called Curation Traffic. In fact, just a few months ago I started experimenting with my first curated content site based around all the latest articles related to ecommerce (which is one of my favourite topics).

content curation

As it turned out, I already had way too much on my plate and just as I was starting make a few dollars a day from AdSense, I lost interest in haven’t touched the site since but as a viable site model, it took me no more than a few days to get such a site up and running with the help of Curation Traffic Theme and it was generating some AdSense revenue within weeks.

One of the coolest features of curation traffic is the ability to literally find, curate and publish content with one click of a button. It comes with a handy little web applet which allows you to publish content straight from the backend of your wordpress blog.

content curation

Curation traffic also extracts the curated title. meta description from the original article and also allows you to add your own commentary, and send out tweets just before publishing. The link and credit to the original content source is automatically added to every piece of curated content you publish. Very cool indeed.

content curation

Watch curation traffic in action in the video below:

[pb_videoshowcase group=”1″]

The Keys To Success With Content Curation

The real key to success with content curation is to find a very broad topic with plenty of existing blogs and websites already writing about it so you will never run into a brick wall trying to find fresh unique content.

The other key to success with content curation is publishing lots and lots of freshly curated content every single day. Additionally, it is also important that you publish one or two pieces of original content for every 7-8 curated pieces of content. The original pieces of content will keep the search engines interested and eventually your site will start to rank for multiple long tail keywords.

Lastly, it is absolutely imperative that you check copyright restrictions on each and every website before curating content and always only use a snippet of content and always link back to the original article. It’s also recommended that you add a few lines of commentary to everything you curate to keep the visitors interested.


When you look at websites like Huffington post and drudge report its hard not to see the dollar signs lit up before your eyes but like every strategy for making money on the internet, it requires time, patience and hard work.  However, if you can identify a niche where there may be room to consolidate all the great content into one website than there is definitely a potential for creating a successful site.

Remember, such a niche can be related to health, fitness, food, marketing or any broad and popular topic or subject.

Have you tried content curation yourself? I would love to hear your experience, feedback and thoughts below!


  1. Scott Scanlon July 17, 2012 at 4:53 am #


    Thank you for giving a great overview of not only curation but also Curation Traffic. Glad your having success with it, if you have any ideas for improvement or features please share it with us. We also are working on a few releases here that should make curation with the platform more powerful. Also, listened to your latest podcast, great stuff there as well.


    • Anshul July 17, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

      Thanks for popping by Scott and thanks for the feedback:) Yeah definitely a huge fan of Curation traffic, I do have a few ideas on how to make it better, will definitely shoot you an email!


  2. Sandeep Singh July 26, 2012 at 9:05 am #

    Is curation adsense safe?


    • Anshul July 26, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

      Hi Sandeep, yep content curation is totally AdSense compliant but I do suggest following the 70/30 rule (ie 70% curated content, 30% original content).


  3. Scott Scanlon July 26, 2012 at 1:26 pm #


    Agree with Anshul there as well. But I would add a clarification from my perspective. That 70/30 can be 70 posts are curated and 30 are original content. Or you can do all curated content except within each post you add commentary that has more weight (usually more words at least 3 times) than the referenced material. We have both versions that convert well for us and are monetized with adsense, affiliates, etc.


  4. Tracey Black March 3, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    How can you tell if websites don’t allow for curation?


  5. Nader 3li April 25, 2013 at 11:26 pm #

    Thank you for this amazing article 🙂


  6. Abraham Watkins June 5, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

    Sites like BoingBoing and Brain Pickings are great content curators. And now brands are getting into the act. Harley Davidson’s site Ridebook features content in culture, style, music, and travel. And increasingly, curators are emerging as a critical filter that helps niche content consumers find “signal” in noise. Jason Hirschhorn’s Media reDEFined newsletter distributes posts on digital media, mobile, gaming, and web content. A barebones newsletter of links, it has become a “must read” curated daily offering for anyone trying to stay in touch with the fast-moving pace of change in media. But curation isn’t limited to media. The Haymarket-owned site Clinical Advisor now curates web video for nurse practitioners.


  7. Theron Q. Yates July 13, 2013 at 11:58 am #

    “Curated content” and “related content” are two different things. Curation is a skill. It’s one you can acquire, but the bedrock of successful content curation is a deep understanding of your niche, where it’s been, and what’s authentic and important in that niche.



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