How To Increase Your Online Business’ Profitability Through Blogging

Blogging means so much to your online business. There are so many things that a blog can do to help you keep your clients loving your business. First, search engines love blog and they love it more when you fill it with lots of keyword-rich and unique contents. Writing regularly makes it more noticeable and it could even appear on Google’s top 10 list, which does so much in boosting the traffic and sales in the long run. But more than increasing the traffic, content-rich blogs also drive more returning visitors, especially those who are interested in reading good and informative articles. So, once they found out about it, they’ll keep wanting for more so they’ll surely go back again and again.

Benefits of Blogging for your Business

So, just how do blogs work to your advantage? Here are three major reasons shared by so many bloggers:

It’s a proof of your expertise

Because your blog targets a specific niche market and because you always post something on it, then you must be someone expert in your field. This is what your blog is trying to tell to the whole world, that you are someone who knows what you do and this is an asset that will give you an edge in earning more clients. David Gadarian, CEO of Gadarian Digital, a social media management and digital planning firm, built his reputation through blogging. Gadarian started out from scratch and built his way to success one blog after another, outlining that customers wanted to do business with experts and they are ready to pay top money just to have your service.

Blogs pushes up your business’ search engine presence

Blogging doesn’t only make it easier for searchers to find you it also makes your website the darling of the search engine. Get a little knowledge about the basics of SEO so you can incorporate the necessary techniques on your blogs and maximize the benefits within 400 words or less. According to a poll conducted by Lee Odden of, 95 percent of companies who maintain websites, particularly those involved in advertising, marketing, PR, and consultancy, agreed that incorporating blogs with their SEO efforts help a lot in boosting their web presence. It does so much in establishing a strong following among readers and clients alike. Eighty seven percent of the respondents further agreed that blogging is the direct reason why their SEO efforts have succeeded, while more than 90 percent finds blogging highly significant in any online marketing campaign.

It’s your “resume” for more opportunities

Your blog is your portfolio and it shows how excellent a blogger you are. More than making the edge in the search engine ranking, it helps you build up your reputation, as well as win more clients along the way. If you got what it takes to show off your talent to the world, then highlight it on your blog’s about page. So what should you include? Lisa Olstad of Aquent, a Boston-based human resource firm, said that your portfolio should be replete of your work history, education, and achievements. But more than what you can offer, it also helps to show your prospective clients how you can do the job and what are the processes that you do to come up with more-than satisfactory job. But what is most important, Olstad said, is that you present yourself as someone who is interesting at work and as a person.

Using your Blog for your Online Business

Now that you know the importance of blogging, the next thing to do is to make it work to your online business’ benefits. How? Try posting one or all of the following:

News. The most common posts that you will feed your blog are news and updates that are related to the industry. Sometimes, with so many information overflow searchers don’t have enough time to look them up. So, make sure a quick blog entry is always on its way to keep them up-to-date.

FAQs. If your readers are drowning you with many questions, you could sort out the most popular and post them on the blog, complete with all the answers to clear things up. Searchers will find it easier and faster to quench their thirst for knowledge this way.

Promos. If are generous enough to give away something, then there’s no better way to let the whole world known about these promos, gigs, freebies, and discounts than on your blog. This is another way of giving readers the reason to always come back because they know there’s always a surprise in store for them.

Photos and Images. Photos and videos add spice to any blog, so many sure to post them regularly, alongside with your blog entry. Make them large and attractive enough to catch everyone’s attention. Don’t forget to put a caption for an added impact.

Blogs aren’t just your outlet for your thoughts and feelings, they could also serve as your business’ window the world where people could take a look at the best that your online business has to offer. now that you know how your blog could serve as a nice asset, you’ll want to update it more often than always!


  1. George October 18, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    You’re very right in saying that a blog can be a resume. I can effectively showcase my intelligence, networking abilities, writing skillls and much more through a blog than a 15 minute interview where people are going to keep me on my toes.


  2. Manilyn October 19, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    Hi George! Definitely!!


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    Blogging is indeed paramount for the survival of any business to thrive and you certainly made those points clear.


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